Social Security Disability

Social-Security-Disability[1]The Social Security Disability department is open to anyone who believes they cannot work, because of physical or mental conditions.

It is a vital addition to this firm, as many of our clients who have filed for Worker’s Compensation benefits, or have been injured in Personal Injury cases, are too disabled to work. In order to receive these benefits, an applicant either cannot now work for at least a 12-month period, or in the past, did not work for at least 12 months, due to medical problems.

Our firm does not charge for representing clients for these benefits. If we win a case, the government pays us an amount from the client’s first check, which is usually large.

Available Services

  • No-cost interviews for individuals eligible for these benefits
  • Filing of initial Applications, other necessary documents, gathering of medical records, and submitting them to the Social Security Administration.
  • In the case of clients who have already filed Applications, our firm can still represent you.
  • We file Appeals for individuals who have been denied these benefits. We can represent you even if you filed the Application and subsequent Appeals yourself.
  • We represent clients at all levels of Appeal at the Social Security Administration. This includes representation at a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.
  • We advise individuals who receive other types of benefits, as to whether receiving Social Security Disability benefits would affect the benefits they are already receiving.