Pedestrian Accidents in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a bustling city known for the traffic and the overabundance of people. In some of the busier parts of the city, people walking on sidewalks and in crosswalks are at risk of being injured in terrible accidents. Negligent drivers may not notice crosswalks or may drive too close to a pedestrian, and as a result, pedestrians can be gravely injured.

Pedestrian accidents often result in expensive medical care and lengthy recovery processes. Many victims can’t afford the astronomical hospital bills and the time off of work. That is where we come in to help.

We are one of the most widely known personal injury law firms in Southern California. Our team, headed by acclaimed Personal Injury Attorney Juan J. Dominguez, can investigate your case and help you achieve a settlement or verdict that covers your injuries.

Proven Success at a Widely Recognized Firm

We know how to handle pedestrian cases. In fact, we have successfully resolved this type of case many times in the past. Our clients have collectively received $500 million in verdicts and settlements. We are dedicated to fighting relentlessly for our clients while giving each case the personal attention that is necessary.

Some of our successes in pedestrian accidents include:

  • $2.6 million in pedestrian accident involving a bus
  • $350,000 for victim struck by car while crossing an intersection
  • $349,700 for pedestrian with knee and back injuries from accident
  • $195,000 for pedestrian struck by car driven by an attorney

About Pedestrian Accidents

Your case is unique, and we won’t give you a one-size-fits-all solution for your problem. Still, there are some common themes among pedestrian accidents that may apply to your case. Most pedestrian accidents occur at a crosswalk in an intersection. If a pedestrian can prove that he or she was walking through a marked crosswalk while the appropriate signal, such as a walking signal, was lighted, then any injuries and collisions are the fault of the driver.

Pedestrians who were injured while walking on a sidewalk have viable proof that the driver was at fault. On the other hand, pedestrians who were jaywalking illegally or ran through a crosswalk when the signal warned them not to, may be held liable for the accident.

Many pedestrian accidents happen when a driver making a left or right turn through an intersection fails to notice the person walking across. Pedestrians have the right-of-way in these situations, but some drivers fail to keep their eyes on the road and may turn without looking.

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